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GPS Surveying Dunedin Otago

We are a company eager to build on our reputation of efficiency, competency and quality service. Our pledge to you is to devote the full strength of our expertise to assist with your project, to resolve your problem and to grow your business.

We offer services and solutions in the following areas


We have experience and can provide advice on a wide variety of subdivision situations.  We provide a free consultation, on site or in office, to discuss your subdivision requirements and advise you on what you can do in respect to your property.  We will undertake title searching and obtain aerial photos and other relevant information that will assist.

We will prepare a subdivision application plan illustrating the layout of your subdivision.  Once the layout is finalized we can prepare your resource consent application to Council and consult with Council on your behalf in order to achieve your desired outcome. We will complete the legal surveys, liaise with your solicitor and Council staff, and assist with completing any conditions of consent.

Our aim is to provide a personal and professional service throughout the subdivision process in order to achieve your desired outcome in an efficient manner.  Craig Horne is the sole professional you will deal with.  He will answer the phone on your first query, and personally undertake and complete each part of the subdivision process.

Boundary Locating

We can locate and peg your property boundary, whether you want to build a fence, garage or shed, or you are purchasing a property, or are having a dispute with a neighbour.  We can often provide an estimate or quote over the phone of the costs to locate your boundary.

Topographic and Site Surveys

We can complete a survey of your property in order to obtain site information such as ground contour and levels, and to locate buildings, fences, trees and drains etc.  This information is usually required for architects and other design professionals in order to design a dwelling and/or other buildings and structures.

Boundary Adjustment

We can provide advice on the requirements for the adjustment of boundaries between properties.  We can prepare the consent application to Council and complete the required legal survey to enable the change in titles.

Building Setout

We can setout your building position and level from design plans.  A setout survey is often required when your building is designed close to boundaries or minimum yards, as well as on difficult sites where it is difficult for your builder to setout your building.

Easement, Lease & Covenant Surveys

We can complete surveys and prepare legal plans in order for legal rights to be created over adjoining properties as easements, usually for rights of way, water, electricity and sewage easements.

We can complete surveys and prepare legal lease plans for long term, and in perpetuity, property lease.

We can complete surveys and prepare legal covenant plans, usually for the protection of significant features such as native bush, archaeological sites etc.

Farm mapping

We can prepare farms maps from either field surveying of your property or from other information such as aerial photography.  A farm map can detail paddock layout and sizes, building and track location, along with any other relevant features.

GPS Surveying

We can provide our clients with a service that uses the most up to date surveying technology.  The best example of this is the use of GPS for Surveying.

GPS Surveying utilizes satellites to provide accurate positioning suitable for surveying.  GPS Surveying uses the same satellite information that is used on a GPS you might have on your boat to locate your favorite fishing spot.  However, two GPS receivers and more advanced processing technology is used in a Surveyors GPS to provide the accuracy required.

GPS Surveying provides significant time and cost advantages over traditional surveying methods, particularly on larger properties and for surveys covering wider areas.

A GPS can cover greater distances without the need for line of sight that traditional surveying requires.  When larger volumes of information are required, for example a large topographic survey for design purposes, the GPS is several times more efficient than traditional methods. Similarly when large numbers of positions are required to be marked/pegged, for example when setting out a new road, then the GPS is again faster and more efficient.

Road Legalisation

A road legalisation survey is usually required by property owners where they want to purchase land which is currently an unformed legal road, often referred to as a paper road.

We can advise on the process to purchase the land and undertake the required consultation with the Council. We will complete the surveying based elements in order for the land to be transferred into your ownership.

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